Camp Life

A day in the life of a Wabikoner
7:30 Wake-up (or at least, that's when you're supposed to wake-up...)
7:43 the REAL Wake-up
7:45 Morning Gathering. Sing a song chosen by the COD (counsellor of the day)
8:00 Breakfast. Each cabin of about 8 campers and 2 counsellors has their own table to eat at. The food is really good!
9:10 After a short cabin clean up, everyone goes to their first activity (which they chose the day before). This activity can range from nature walks to sailing to archery or drama.
10:10 Second Period. Another activity of your choice.
11:10 Third Period. Another activity of your choice.
12:10 Free time and Free Swim. You can go for a swim, take a shower, play a game of volleyball, write a letter, read a book or just chat with a friend.
1:00 Lunch. Yet another delicious meal. Sing some section cheers and camp songs.
1:45 Section meeting. Get your mail and camp news.
2:00 Rest hour. A time to relax.
3:10 Fourth Period. Another activity of your choice.
4:10 Cabin Activity. A time to do something special with your cabin group.
5:10 Free time and Free Swim. Go for a swim and dive off the tower or just relax on the dock.
6:00 Supper! YAY! Maybe it will be pizza or tacos? More songs and cheers.
7:30 Evening Program. This may be a game with your cabin, section, or the entire camp. It ranges from dramatic theme based activities to friendly getting to know you games.
10:00 Lights out and sleep... but not without a bit of gossip before hand.

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